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The lease of a development is the foundation from which it is built upon. This is why the lease needs to be robust and to ensure this we work with our clients so both the residential and commercial leases are both legally and operationally viable.

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Service charges are the most important part of operating a development. These monies ensure the smooth running and future of the development.  

Our in-depth knowledge of the market and experience of directly managing schemes of varying sizes, allows us to draft realistic service charge budgets, utilising current market rates for services.

Thus we help our clients protect the future of a development and its communities by developing robust service charges.

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Managing a development is a complex and demanding responsibility which is why we work closely with our clients so they meet the right agent for their requirements. Through this process we assist the client in achieving the highest level of customer service and management from their agent. This is accomplished through a robust tendering process and introduction of key performance indicators to allow the client to audit their agents performance.


We believe in the power of people and helping them achieve the power to take control over the management of their development. This control is achieved through various different mechanisms.

Understanding these mechanisms can be daunting, which is where we are able to help. We guide you through these process’s to provide you with the power to control the destiny of your development.


Compliance is the foundation which underpins the property profession and protects the customer, agents and the development.

At Insight we are aware of best practice and the importance of having the correct structures in place to ensure full transparency, which is an imperative element of managing a development.

We are conversant with the Landlord and Tenant Act, The Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act, Health & Safety Legislation, RICS Service Charge Code of Practice and ARMA Q so we are able to undertake compliance reviews of the development and agent to ensure all standards and legislations are being adhered too.


The property industry is ever evolving with new legislation and codes of practice being brought in. As such we provide training which provides our clients with the understanding of these codes and law to assist in providing the highest levels of service to their clients and also assists in providing continued professional development.  


We have a passion for working with our clients to create innovative management and service plans covering waste management, postal services, concierge facilities to M&E management, which guarantees the future of the development and the community as well as creating desirable communities to live in.

We also provide strategies for the management and billing of District Heating systems such as Combine Heat Power systems. These strategies are imperative for the management of a development.

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